The GINKO CONTROL Tablet patch is intended for laptops, tablets and video network games.

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This 57 mm  tablet patch is suitable for all types of computers, touchscreens and video network games. As is the case with all Phone and Wi-Fi patches, the patch is simply stuck onto the connected device and does not change its operational features in any way. The 57-millimeter tablet patch is intended for laptops and tablets; we recommend sticking it on to the keyboard side of your mobile phone or onto the back of your tablet. For maximum effectiveness, the 57-millimeter tablet patch can be also kept on the user, since it reacts to the ambient electromagnetic environment, mainly at low frequencies.

1. What is GIИKO-Control technology?

The Ginko Control patch is based on the principle of the 180° phase shift, whereby 2 opposite waveforms with the same wavelength but the phase difference of 180°, cancel each other out.

2. What is the lifetime of the GIИKO-Control patch? Does it lose effectiveness over time?

The Ginko Control patch has an unlimited lifetime. Indeed, the only potentially risky moment is when the patch is being adhered (to a surface); if this is done incorrectly, it might cause the patch to become unstuck over time. The actual effectiveness of the patch itself is not however in any way impacted by time since it consists in a flexible copper circuit with 2 antenna, known as “passive” antenna.

3. If I use a GIИKO-Control patch, will this have an impact on the functioning of my mobile phone (or connected device)?

Using a GIИKO-Control patch will have no impact on the correct functioning of your mobile phone (or connected device) because our system works passively; that is to say, only using the energy of the transmitted wave in phase.

4. What is the difference between the 3 GIИKO-Control patches? What is the scope of their actions?

The difference is that each GIИKO-Control patch has been designed to cover the different wave frequencies.

5. Are the GIИKO-Control patches compatible with 4G?

Yes, GIИKO-Control patches can be used with all types of network coverage.

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