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- What is GIИKO-Control ?

GIИKO-Control is a registered trademark that allows you to apply the precautionary principle to surrounding electromagnetic waves. Presented as a self-adhesive patch operating on the principle of 180° phase shift, it is mainly placed on the back of any electronic device such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, bluetooth headsets or connected video games

- Where does the name GIИKO-Control come from ?

Instinctively, the origin of the name was taken from the Ginkgo Biloba tree, which has the virtues of defending and protecting mankind from environmental pollution.

- What is the technology of the GIИKO-Control patch?

To reduce the action of a force, it is enough to oppose it with another force. The action will be cancelled when the 2 forces are of equal intensity, but opposite. This is the operating principle of 180° phase shift: 2 opposite waves of the same frequency neutralizing each other.

The GINKO Control patch is a passive electronic device, consisting of a flexible disk supporting two identical antennas, in opposition to phases, separated by an insulating dialectal zone. The first antenna picks up the incoming wave (called incident wave), in phase by definition. A simple induction phenomenon generates, in the second antenna, a wave of the same frequency, but out of phase by 180°. The second antenna then transmits a wave of the same frequency, but out of phase by 180° at the same time as the first antenna transmits the incident wave not out of phase.

- What is the lifetime of the GIИKO-Control patch?

The patch's operating time is unlimited if it is kept as is. The very effectiveness of the patch does not diminish in any way over time, since the device consists of a flexible copper circuit with two so-called "passive" antennas. Be careful though, the patch GIИKO-Control is not safe from humidity.

- Can I remove and reuse the GIИKO-Control patch?

The GIИKO-Control patch uses the principle of the 180° phase principle, whereby, given a patch consisting in 2 antennas separated by an isolating zone, the antenna closest to the emitting source captures electromagnetic waves by phases. This same antenna then uses electromagnetic induction to transmit these waves to the other antenna, which creates a phase shift of 180° by changing the physical status. The second antenna then sends the phase-shifted waves towards the body, at a random part of the body, and the waves are automatically sent towards the brain, which then handles the dispatching to protect over all our cells to protect them using a antagonistic and antidote effect.

- What is the lifetime of a GIИKO-Control patch?

The patch's lifetime is unlimited (unless it is removed from the device which may reduce the patch's adhesive performance over time). The actual effectiveness of the patch remains intact over time because it consists of a flexible copper circuit with two "passive" antennae. It should however be noted that the patch should not be exposed to high levels of humidity.

- Can I remove and re-use the GIИKO-Control patch?

Removing the GINKO Control patch may damage the integrated flexible circuit but also the adhesion of the device. It is therefore not recommended to do so.

- Does the GIИKO-Control patch work with 4G?

Yes, the GIИKO-Control patch works on all types of network coverage.

- Is the GIИKO-Control patch compatible with all mobile phones, DECT and other connected devices?

Yes, GIИKO-Control products work with all your electronic devices without any brand or model restrictions.

- Can I place the GIИKO-Control patch between my phone and its protection?

The GIИKO-Control patch can be placed directly on the back of your electronic device provided that its protection is not made of a material such as iron or aluminum.

- What is the protection radius of the GIИKO-Control patch?

GIИKO-Control products protect from 40 cm to 1 m distance between the patch and the main organs of the body, depending on the models.

- Who makes the patch GIИKO-Control?

The French technology GIИKO-Control products are manufactured by a Japanese Group with plants on all continents.

- Does the use of the GIИKO-Control patch affect the operation of my phone or other connected devices?

The use of the GIИKO-Control patch has no impact on the proper functioning of your mobile phone or connected device, since the system operates passively, i.e. only with the energy of the wave emitted in phase.

- What is the difference between the GIИKO-Control patches? What is the function of each of them?

The GIИKO-Control patches come in three different sizes;

- the 17mm patch which is in the Microwaves 1 to 12 GHz and is recommended for small devices connected Wifi or Bluetooth as well as for all types of phones during communication covering the same frequencies.

- the 57mm patch is in the High Frequencies 400 MHz to 4 GHz and is reinforced in the Low Frequencies from 30 Hz. It is also advisable to stick it on your laptop on the keyboard side towards you ;the Ginko Protector product worn on you is very effective since it reacts to the environment.

- Finally, the 29mm pendant is located in the middle and is recommended for mobile phones and children's game consoles... The Ginko pendant carried on itself is also very effective at home, with domestic appliances, microwave ovens, induction hobs, baby protection or at the office with computers, wifi...

- - Does the GIИKO-Control patch have any possible side effects?

There are no negative side effects on GIИKO-Control products.

- What objective proof is there concerning the reliability of GIИKO-Control patches?

A number of scientists and medical doctors have endorsed the GIИKO-Control patches as being efficient and reliable.

- What is the proof of reliability of the GIИKO-Control patch?

Various scientists and doctors have given their scientific endorsement to the effectiveness and reliability of the GIИKO-Control patch. Dr. PRAT, for example, has demonstrated the effectiveness of the GIИKO-Control patch in restoring electrophysiological potentials (witnessing cell function) after modifications to them during the reception/transmission of a telephone call. Dr. PRAT indicating that by its phase-shifting effect of electromagnetic waves created by mobile phones and other connected devices, it is an ACTIVE PROTECTIVE SYSTEM. Professor ZANCA, Professor of Nuclear Medicine and Biophysicist... carried out in the laboratory the physical proof that the patch GIИKO-Control was out of phase at 180°; then in collaboration with Dr. K. GAUJAC, which has carried out several thousand tests on people of all ages, has shown an undeniable improvement in human physical performance (tone, muscle tension) regardless of the intensity of disturbances due to the electromagnetic environment, in the presence of the GIИKO-Control patch, and has demonstrated the clearly PROTECTIVE role of the patch for an individual using a telephone, both in standby and in communication, allowing the subject to be fully recovered.

- Does the GIИKO-Control patch work on my network connection?

The GIИKO-Control patch cannot act on the network connection, there is an effect only on the living, it is biological, there is no action on the connection, so there is nothing negative.

- Why do we have to do mainly biological tests to check the effectiveness of the patch GIИKO-Control?

The effectiveness of the GIИKO-Control patch is demonstrated in an exclusively biological way, i.e. on the living, because we are in 3D (dimensions). The GIИKO-Control patch only protects the living, not the electronics, which is technically controlled in 2D by a field meter for example.

- Is there any incompatibility between a hearing aid and the GIИKO-Control patch?

The GIИKO-Control patch has no disruptive effect on a hearing aid or other electrical or electromagnetic device. The 180° phase shift system of the GIИKO-Control patch only acts on living organisms, on the biological level it works passively.

- Is the delivery of the patch GIИKO-Control free?

The delivery of GIИKO-Control products is free of charge for any order of 50€ or more. Below this, the shipping costs are 2.29€.

- What is the delivery time for the GIИKO-Control patch?

Packages are generally dispatched within 2 days after receipt of payment and are shipped via Colissimo with tracking and drop-off without signature. The standard shipping method is the Followed Max Letter, delivered without signature. If you prefer delivery by signature, an additional cost will be applied, so please contact us before choosing this method. Regardless of the shipping method chosen, we will provide you as soon as possible with a link that will allow you to track the delivery of your package online.

- Do you have a technical information service at GIИKO-Control?

For more information regarding the GIИKO-Control patch, you can simply contact the inventor Mr Roland WEHRLEN (+336 78 21 24 73).

- If I use a hands-free headset, am I protected?

Beyond any recommendation related to the use of our devices GIИKO-Control, the health authorities agree that it is advisable to use a hands-free kit to protect against harmful electromagnetic waves from your electronic devices. However, we draw attention to the harmful conductive effects of the Boundary Wire.

- Is it dangerous for a child to sleep within a metre of their unplugged mobile phone?

Doctors agree that the waves generated by mobile phones are more harmful when the brain is small. Children under 15 years of age are more vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation. It is therefore not advisable to let your child sleep near his mobile phone or any other electronic device that he should only use exceptionally because this can lead to brain problems, infertility, etc. on a long-term use (about 20 years).

- Why does the ANSES (French agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety) recommend using your mobile phone for less than 30 minutes a day?

ANSES recommends that you do not use your mobile phone for more than 30 minutes a day. Beyond that, the phone user becomes an intensive user. For the latter, the ANSES suggests a possible increase in the risk of tumour development. (Report of 15/10/2013).

- Is it true that the French Government has passed a decree banning Wi-Fi hotspots in kindergarten classes?

On January 23, 2014, the National Assembly passed a law prohibiting the use of wifi (and devices that use this technology) in nurseries, daycares and any other primary school.

- Do insurance companies insure mobile phone operators?

No. Since 2003, mobile phone operators have been treated in the same way as tobacco producers by insurance companies.

- Are there any studies demonstrating the negative effects of electromagnetic waves on health?

- Reflex Report: Research report funded from 2000 to 2004 by 7 European States on exposure to electromagnetic fields that causes single and double DNA strand breaks on our cells.

- The BioInitiative 2012 study: Report of 1,800 studies carried out by 29 renowned international scientists reinforcing the certainty of the harmfulness of waves to the population.

- The Mobi-Kids study: Study in progress, started in 2011, which ends in 2016 on 13 European countries. It demonstrates the increase in brain cancer in young subjects.

- COST 281 Report: Report written between 2001 and 2007 that links the potential involvement of mobile communication systems in our health.

- Interphone study: Funded by the largest American operators from 2000 to 2010 in 13 countries around the world. This study shows a significant increase in mobile phone related cancers over a 10-year exposure period. It is the largest case-control study conducted to date.

- University of Bordeaux study: conducted in 2014, the study links the use of mobile phones to the development of cancerous tumours.

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