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GIИKO Control, THE solution that protects against electromagnetic waves.

No, mobile phones don't explode corn grains, it's a myth! On the other hand, the patch GIИKO Control makes it possible to apply the precautionary principle (of the WHO) with regard to possible harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

The GIИKO Control patch reduces exposure to electromagnetic waves and prevents us from any harmful effects of electromagnetic waves on a daily basis in order to protect us, if necessary, from their daily effect.


The patch GIИKO Control using French technology, works according to a physical principle of 180° phase shift (for more information). It does not consume any additional energy at the expense of the battery.

The average bandwidth between 1 and 5 Ghz is common to all three sizes. It has been shown that the use of these patches improves the performance of neuropostural tests when they are performed in the presence of a disruptive electromagnetic environment. Based on these experiments, GIИKO Control offers different patch sizes, in two distinct ranges:

The "Technology" range

The GIИKO Control Phone patch is a 29 mm diameter patch. It is recommended for phones and smartphones. 

The 17mm patch GIИKO Control Wifi, is recommended for small devices connected wifi or Bluetooth such as headphones, wireless mouse, game console controllers, wireless audio headphones...

The patch GIИKO Control Tablet / Laptop Computer 57mm, sticks to your laptops, tablets, PCs and connected video games for children.

Patch GINKO Control Ordinateur

The « Wellness » range

The GIИKO 35 mm pendant. It is advisable to wear it as a pendant on the chest. It provides general protection against electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones, tablets, game consoles and any connected devices. Also very effective in protecting against electromagnetic waves emitted by microwaves, induction plates, etc.

The GIИKO 64 mm protection. It is advisable to carry it with you in your pocket.

It reacts perfectly to the ambient electromagnetic environment and is recommended for protection:

    • In public transport, by car, near high voltage lines, (Low Frequency)
    • At home or at work, for laptops, PCs, children's game consoles, Wifi or Bluetooth device emissions...
GINKO Control Protection

The GIИKO Control patch is carefully manufactured in a specialized factory in order to produce a printed circuit board of the highest quality, thus guaranteeing the proper functioning of the device and its lifetime.

The patch's operating time is unlimited. Only by removing it from the substrate on which it has been affixed can the adhesive strength of the moisture-sensitive device be damaged and eventually reduced.

Patch GINKO Control Téléphone


In the daily use of connected radiofrequency wave emitting devices, the following advice and some precautions for use are communicated by the health authorities. Here are some of them that we would like to share, beyond any recommendation related to the use of our device GIИKO Control :

  • Using a corded phone
  • Call preferences in areas where radio reception is good  
  • Advise your children and teenagers about moderate mobile phone use
  • In the current state of our knowledge on the effects of electromagnetic waves on living organisms, the application of the precautionary principle appears essential (Principle 15 formulated at the Rio Summit)



One solution: GIИKO Control !