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Ginko Control technologie française, médaille d'or au concours de Lépine

* 100% french technolgy / Gold medal at the "Concours Lepine" fair / scientificaly tested and validated products


All connected devices expose our body to the effects of electromagnetic waves:

The mobile phone but also the tablet, the laptop, the wifi in the house, the microwave, the induction cooker, the connected games, the baby phones, the devices connected by Bluetooth etc.The mobile phones but also the tablet, the laptop, the wifi , the microwave, the induction cooker, the connected games, the baby monitors, the devices connected by Bluetooth etc.

Electromagnetic waves emitted by or for connected devices act directly on the body and reduce certain neuromuscular performances

Numerous epidemiological studies show potential increased risks for the most regular users of all connected devices :

- Brain tumours: gliomas, meningiomas, neurinomas (InterphoneCERENATOREBRO)
Decreased sperm quality

- 48% increase in the additional risk of miscarriage (Kaiser Permanente Division of Research Oakland)
- Possible acute effects on children's cognitive functions and well-being
 (ANSES, 2016)

Ginko Control Patches

Ginko Control cancels the perceived SAR by calling

What is the SAR*?

The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) of your mobile phone is the international standard that quantifies your maximum level of exposure to electromagnetic waves. This index therefore refers to the greatest amount of energy your body and head absorb when you call. France applies the European standard which requires a SAR of less than 2 watts per kilogram (W/kg). The display of the SAR of mobile phones is mandatory at points of sale, in product information and in advertisements.


The effectiveness of the GINKO Control patch has been proven by thousands of tests performed by independent scientists and laboratories. In all the conclusions of the tests carried out, it appears that this new French technology, patented internationally, protects the human organism sensitive to radiofrequency electromagnetic emissions. The GINKO Control patch drastically reduces the potentially negative impacts of electromagnetic wave effects without reducing the performance of connected devices.

Electronic features of GINKO Control patches

Download the summary of the expert report produced as part of the Cap'tronic program

CONTRACT Project follow-up N°GSO/16-045

Cap'tronic: Founded by the CEA and Bpifrance, and financed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the association JESSICA France is responsible for the implementation of the CAP'TRONIC programme. Its objective is to help French SMEs, whatever their sector of activity, to improve their competitiveness through the integration of electronic solutions and embedded software into their products

According to the IES report, Synthesis and scientific conclusion

In 2011 the WHO classified mobile phone electromagnetic fields as possible carcinogens for humans (Group 2B) on the basis of the increased risk of brain tumours

The assurance of a quality product

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  • International patent
  • Scientifically proven
  • Passive technology
  • No medical contraindications
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Protect yourself at home with the Ginko Aura Patch!

This 110 mm patch provides protection within a radius of approximately 10 metres. It is positioned in the room where I want to be protected (for example, in a circular room of 20m diameter, GINKO the AURA if placed in the center, will ensure a protection of about 300m2). Its wide frequency coverage allows it to be effective on electromagnetic waves produced by mobile phones, smartphones, laptops, induction hobs, microwave ovens, game consoles, baby alarms, connected devices, Bluetooth and wifi, low frequency waves, new connected electricity meters, high voltage lines...

Professional? Mobile fleet, business gifts and promotional items

What our Clients are saying

" I protected my whole family with the GINKO patch. "

Françoise ASTRE

" I think I tried all the patches sold in the shops without any results until I came across the GINKO patch and that's just incredible. I have been tested and the results are excellent. "


" Since I wear GINKO I don't have any more warm-ups in my ears and on my side. Thank you GINKO! "


" I attended a series of GINKO tests on the phone, there was Professor M ZANCA and Doctor J GAUJAC, it's amazing the GINKO patch is simply extraordinary. "

Christine CARRILLO

" I put GINKO on my phone, since then I can call and I no longer have headaches. "


" Well done, the GINKO patch is the only 100% effective patch. "


" For 3 years I have had a headache when I call for a long time, since I have the GINKO patch I no longer have any pain, it's really great, I have equipped the whole family with GINKO patch, it's too good. "


" I participated in the GINKO tests, it's incredible, the doctors present advised me to wear the GINKO Protection, since happiness, no more back pain. "


" I placed a GINKO AURA in my baby's room with a baby phone. I know that now he is safe from electromagnetic waves. "


" Particularly sensitive to electromagnetic waves, I went to a series of GINKO tests, I still can't believe it, I equipped myself and since then I haven't had any headaches and nausea by calling "

Nadine TOHA

" I call 3 to 4 hours a day, since I wear the GINKO patch I no longer have any buzzing or headaches. Great! Great! "



The French government has taken this European regulation into account since, by a law of August 2016, French employers, under penalty of significant fines, will have to comply with the new rules aimed at protecting their employees from electromagnetic fields emitted by the many electronic devices present in companies as from 1 January 2017.
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