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The principle of the 180° phase shifte

Phase shifting is a physical principal: two forces, two opposing waves which cancel each other out by the effect of the Ginko patch. Roland WEHRLEN discovered a highly practical physical application, which we commercialize under the name “Ginko Control”, for telephony waves, based on this phase-shifting principal.


Déphasage 180 des ondes GinkoControl

Tests run on the Ginko patch

Roland WEHRLEN ran several tests on the patch which he invented. The test results led to iterative improvements culminating in the GINKO-Control patch which we commercialize.


And, even today, GINKO-Control continues to run tests on the patches, doing so in accordance with clearly defined protocols. Our R&D experts work with test subjects chosen at random under double-blind conditions, where one group uses a placebo and the other has the real GINKO-Control patch.


These studies conclusively prove that the phase-shifting principle used by the GINKO-Control patch is an active efficient system.


Encouraged by the results obtained, the test organizers decided to:

- pursue their R&D in a laboratory setting, on the principle of the 180° phase shift, as well as on postural platforms;

- back up these studies by carrying out a large number of clinical tests.


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